Twenti Showroom

Marithé François Girbaud


Photography © Lluis Casals 

The premises consist of a ground floor and basement destined for officees and a show-room for the fashion group Marithé François Girbaud. The entrance to the establishment is along a wooden bridge, as the floor slab collapsed, and the hole is covered with a transparent glass sheet, allowing the light into the basement.

At the entrance, the reception is simply created by a wooden desk and wood shelves with a metal structure. Facing it is a wall of stone from Begur, continuous along the bottom floor, where it meets a blue-painted wall at an angle, and meeting the showcase glass

In the basement, the office remains behind a glass wall, material which is also used in all spatial divisions, allowing a maximum use of the light coming from the level above. The walls, except the stone and blue wall, are made of wood, either as a panel or as a front of cupboards. All the metallic elements in the room, including the staircase and railing at the entrance, are light green painted iron.