Barrel room for the wine “Único”

Vega Sicilia Winery

Valbuena del Duero, Valladolid

Photography © Rafael Vargas

The alteration project for the Vega Sicilia wine cellars in Valbuena de Duero in Valladolid consisted of renovating the space parting from a new conditioning system, lighting and services, and improving communication (staircases and freight lift) between different floors.

A corian automatic sliding door provides the entrance to the cellar from the hall, with the cellar’s logo incrusted in white, and an integrated backlight system which creates a light profile outlining the company brand.

The project proposed the design of an undulated ceiling made of solid oak tree wooden slats which would bring together the three naves on each floor. This undulated surface solves the hidden introduction of air conditioning systems, allowing expulsion through the peripheral limits where the ceiling meets the walls, and creating the air return through the gaps between the slats of the central arch.

The two central rows of pillars are used to illuminate the space. Cladding two sides of the pillars with flamed granite and creating a space in between, backlit panels with stainless steel grids are introduced on the other two faces. The lights can vary in intensity to offer an optimum control over the illumination of space at every moment.

Klinker type tiles were used for the interior skin of the space as cladding for the side walls, fitted in a cross-linked manner, creating a resemblance with the existing floor. This way the floor and vertical faces in the warehouse become a ceramic U, covered by the undulated wooden ceiling.