Café-Concierto El Molino

Ocio Puro, SA

Vila i Vilà 99, Barcelona

Photo © Rafael Vargas

The project for the renovation o “El Molino” pretends to implant a new character in the space, based on esthetic and functional respect of the scenic shows which are to take place on stage. A refined esthetic, with clean volumes and planes, more related to the futuristic than the retro or kitsch alluding to the antique.

The highlight is the lit stage frame, generating a diffuse light halo which includes the curtains and sign reminiscent of its past but with a style matching the functionality of the space

The use of LEDs and various color games to create the lighting system make the light the main character, responsible for the esthetic and ambience of each moment and defining the edges and limits of the space. A dark space with particular light elements such as the back-lit side walls which control the color and intensity of the space depending on its use. In this way, the decoration is subject to the show, on the stage and its surroundings.

In the stalls, various seating and spatial configurations have been studied which will allow going from the concert-café with its corresponding chairs and tables to a forum generated by a row of chairs on a floor surface of black oak wood. The chairs, upholstered with red tapestry with the brand “El Molino” engraved with golden Svarowski glass also bring back to the esthetic of the music halls. The upper stalls incorporate a bar of black marble and a bottle rack with glass shelves lit on their sides.

The Golden Bar located on the third floor is independent from the main stage area. It becomes a cocktail bar where its golden shiny gresite tiles envelop a black prismatic marble bar lit very tenuously by overhead lighting. It is also equipped with a great red deep-buttoned sofa, tables and puffs also with a red deep-buttoned tapestry which provide comfort to the room.

This space is decorated by a mural using photograph by Josep Ribas, a black and white image of the vedette Christa Leem and a list in golden typo remembering all the personalities which performed in the historical Molino. Two side walls lined with black ceramic hold two large golden silhouettes which pay tribute to the figures of Carmen Amaya and Joséphine Baker.