Naturalment Restaurant

Barcelona Activa

Llacuna 62, Barcelona , Spain

Selected for the FAD Prizes for Interior Design 2004

Photo © Eugeni Pons

This new building was created as an initiative to extend the facilities for Barcelona Activa, with a new design by the architects Miguel Roldán and Mercé Berenguer. The new building required a gastronomical space to offer daily food for the staff and possible outdoor clients.

This space was almost 600 m2 in one single area, divided into five separate rooms: four to be dining rooms and one for the reception hall, bar and breakfast area, and also a private dining room next to the kitchens. Following the structure of this space, the pillars marked these areas serving as support for the partitions.

The access to the kitchen, emergency exits and toilets are established following the bar line, creating a unified face lined with a lacquered deck and illustrated with an enlargement of the same mural seen at the entrance. Administered by the catering school CETT, the menu and spatial concept of Naturalment create a dynamic and functional restaurant.

A great mural with the title “Naturaleza Activa” (Active Nature) is installed at the entrance hall, designed by Javier Mariscal using relief in Formica.