Calle 54 Restaurant

Amigos Calle 54 SA

Pseo. Habana nº 3, Madrid , Spain

Partnership with Javier Mariscal

Photo © Rafael Vargas

The aim for the restaurant Calle 54 was to create an establishment with great dimensions where you can eat listening to Latin Jazz and which also includes other specific areas, such as a private projection area and even a small shop.

As a whole, the environment reminds of a black box, lit by the lights of music and party. With Latin Jazz as an inspiration, the design experiments with light contrasts, colors and darkness to offer a “riffraff look”, full of references to the streets of La Habana, the Latin quarters of New York and Miami.

Designed in collaboration with Javier Mariscal, a typographic mural covering a black wall, showing the names of great Jazz musicians in relief, conducting the establishment along its three floors, and another back lit mural acting as a great lamp displaying a range of warm colors with imprinted musician caricatures, transform the design for the restaurant into a great tribute to Latin Jazz.