Puerta América Hotel

Hoteles Silken

Madrid , Spain

In collaboration with Javier Mariscal

Photo © Rafael Vargas

The firm GrupoHoteles Silken is responsable for the project of the Hotel Puerta América in Madrid, a project which brought together, for the first time in history, eighteen of the best architects and designers in the world to create a building which would serve as inspiration to the imagination and senses of visitors.

With Javier Mariscal, designed the 11th floor: the entrance hall, corridors, 28 double rooms and 2 suites. They intended to create a space of simple solutions, leaving behind formal displays or great complicated techniques, functional and lasting, creating a multifunctional habitat and not just a simple room.

In the corridor, Formica laminated sheets were used with imprinted images 10 times larger than their actual size, a wooden lattice creating a background and division from the bathroom, which becomes a warm light box. Without doubt, the project’s esthetic and formal variety will leave no one indifferent.

Its inspiration reminds the `50s, and transmits good vibrations, providing the sensation of being in a comfortable and fun hotel room