Ronda Sant Pau 25, Barcelona

Photography © Salasstudio

After the success of the new Futbolmania Shop & Showroom in the center of Madrid, this brand exclusively dedicated to the soccer world, ordered again to Salasstudio their installations reforms, now, the facade and a 120m2 inside shop area located in Barcelona city.

First of all the redesign of the street facade was done. The clients wanted something new in the store entrance, something that breaks the rules and works as a claims to enter into the shop. That is why the project proposes a totally black metal sheet storefront with only football lighting silhouette players in a lime-yellow color as Futbolmania corporative colors. 

Four automatic big glass doors introduce customers inside where they can immediately find a big videowall which always broadcasts football matches with its appropriate and parallel environment sound. On the way, a large tunnel (like the one used by players to access the field) drives customers into the biggest soccer store in Spain.

On the other hand the requirement was based on create a space where a big collection of football boots were exposed, a collection that is offered by the shop as their top seller item. Clients wanted to come back to Madrid project premises: generate experiences and emotions to be lived by customers within this architectural space.

To reach this goal a soccer field was designed, creating a soccer boots exhibitor simulating the stands of a stadium. They were placed around the rectangular pith showing all footwear related products.

The surface was customized with a green artificial turf and it was drawn some white lines as a soccer field in front of the pitch area. There, customers can find a football goal to kick the ball and test the new boots. Behind there, a Champions League arc replica, a corner flag and multiple mass media player photos which complement the ambient space "anecdote".