Silken Fitur 03 stand

Hoteles Silken


Collaboration with Javier Mariscal

Photo © Dexter Hodges

The stand for the hotel chain Silken in Fitur 2003 (International Tourism Fair), designed in collaboration with Javier Mariscal, creates a magical space with an unreal and suggestive atmosphere, bringing to mind other Silken establishments.

On one façade we find the office and storage area. In the different transitional spaces, ten pieces designed by Javier Mariscal act as seating, emphasizing the great sofa in the shape of an orange fish, creating strong contrast with the scenic atmosphere created by the black floor and ceiling.

Various areas are located in one single volume: the central area is constituted by agolden prism which hosts a night bar, lit by blue overhead lights, and the same color for all its interior elements.

On one side is a hypothetical hotel suite with a succession of three spaces: living, sleeping and bathroom. It is all lined with ash wood, even the bath, which goes into the ground taking advantage of the risen floor of the whole room.