Silver Sanz Offices

Silver Sanz

Barcelona , Spain

Interior Design FAD Prize 1993

Photo © Jordi Sarrà

The renovation project for these offices was centered on the principle of lightness. Devoid of any divisions, this office becomes a great spacious area which hosts the most vital activity of the firm. The reception desk, built in stainless steel, is planned as a suspended horizontal block which projects from a wall. The first two flights of steps are understood as a lightweight floating metallic structure.

The offices are distributed around a great central space where the administration area is located, surrounded by complementary rooms and offices on the building façade. This distribution system eliminates corridors except from the one which was intended to give privacy to the small kitchen, and allows a hidden installation system behind a false ceiling in the offices.

For the Silver Sanz offices, a product distribution company, a more urban design was planned rather than a decorative one. To begin the project, the idea of a traditional village square was adopted, acting as a node to where everything converges.