Baret de Mar Refreshment Stall 


Lloret de Mar , Catalonia

Photo © Salasstudio

Baret de Mar is the concept for a modular stall which allows the generation of different compositions of its main body and its terraces, pergolas and screens.

The basic unit (3x3 meters) allows an entrance for personnel and creates two deck walkways to the other public use modular units (3x3 meters). The sum of these three units creates a lengthwise façade (3x12 meters) where its horizontality presents a low earthbound construction, more integrated and less monumental.

The roof, with a very slight inclination, is integrated into the main volume unnoticed, respecting the double line of the floor and roof. Due to its very little inclination it goes unnoticed from the user’s point of view.

There are two main façades: the back wall is transformed into a publicity sign, and the front looks towards the sea, leaving the sides for the services.

The main constructive elements are eight galvanized metal frames and two sloped roofs built in galvanized sheets. The lining murals are created with wooden pine, iroko and teakpanels, or Prodema planks.

The security enclosures are formed by winding aluminum screens.